Unlocking all the advantages hidden in the soil data can give you Real-Time, Precise Information about your land for better decision-making.

Combine soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings for a complete picture of what's happening in the soil.

Soil Moisture, Salinity And Temperature

Capture precise real-time data in soil profiling.

Data Transmission

Know what's happening under the soil, no matter where you are.

Software And Reports

Make confident decisions, using simple charts and powerful reports.


1.Get automatic notifications of field regions that are most likely to get irrigation problems.

2.Discover new issues before they are visually apparent in your crop.

3.Save time and reduce costs with more efficient sampling, labor routing, and issue scouting.


It's hard to improve your irrigation strategy without the right data. Our analytical tools help you quantify and track your progress so that you can validate key decisions and know if you're making the right inputs in your farm.


Effective irrigation goes beyond consistent monitoring and prompt repairs. We'll help you develop and refine your farm-level strategy to meet your management goals and deliver ongoing improvements.

  • Correct overwatering and underwatering to improve uniformity.
  • Match irrigation system design and scheduling to terrain and soil conditions.
  • Create accurate, precise VRA zones to reduce costs through targeted applications.

Receive Real-Time, Precise Information of your Water Content, Temperature, Salinity, and RootActivity

Our soil moisture data is delivered wirelessly to an easy to use website or mobile app.

You can Access Your Data Anytime

With Grey Edge, you can make quick, educated irrigation decisions.